Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: Note cards, pencils

How To Play: Two chairs are set up to resemble a park bench.
The two actors (volunteer players) in the scene are given a card with a
person, object, or event written on it. The actors have one minute to
prepare a scene in which they pretend they just met each other and have a
conversation about the words on the card without ever actually saying
the contents of the card. The prep time is short to keep the drama more
improvisational and spontaneous. After watching the actors talk and
dramatize on the park bench for a short while, the audience guesses what
person, object, or event is being acted out. The actors continue in
the scene until the audience correctly guesses the contents of the card.

Variations: When the actors are ready to begin, the
audience tells the actors what genre they would like to see the actors
use in their performance.

Western, soap opera, science fiction, thriller, slapstick comedy, fantasy