Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: One or more small objects to pass (ball, pencil, etc.)

How to Play: Player #1 hands a small object to an adjacent
player, saying, “This is a banana.” The recipient, player #2, says, “A
what?” player #1 replies, “A banana.” player #2 says, “Oh, a banana!”
and takes the object. Then player #2 turns to the next player and this
pair repeats the dialogue except that only player #1 can answer the
question. Players must pass the question, “A what?” back to player #1,
one person at a time in the circle. Then, the answer is sent forward one
person at a time until it reaches the pair exchanging the object and
the object can advance. The dialogue and the object move around the
circle in this way.

Meanwhile, after about three players have passed the “banana,” player #1
starts another object in the opposite direction, saying, “This is a
pineapple.” The recipient says, “A what?” and player #1 replies, “A
pineapple,” “Oh, a pineapple!” Then that player takes the object,
turns to the next player, and begins the same dialogue and pattern. Both
objects will meet somewhere in the circle and cause a lot of silly

Plan for Success:
Try one object the first few times. Players need to get used to the
patterns and phrases in order to be successful with this game. Because
questions are traveling back and forth to and from player #1, everyone
needs to pay close attention.

Variations: This game is sometimes called A What?