Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: A ball

How to Play: The It throws the ball to anyone in the circle and
the group loudly chants, “One!” The player receiving the ball passes it
to either neighbor, the group chants, “Two!” and so on with each throw.
The passers may not pass the ball behind their backs, turn completely
around, or throw the ball to anyone besides their immediate neighbors.
The It must knock the ball to the ground before the circle gets to 21.
The circle wins if they get to 21 and the It wins if he knocks the ball
down before the group reaches 21. If the It wins, he trades places with
the player who last threw the ball. If the circle wins, the It can be
given another turn or a new It is chosen.

Plan for Success:
Model and practice safe passing and catching. If a player forgets and
passes the ball inappropriately she takes a break from playing the game.
Problem-solve what to do if the ball does not go directly to whom it
was intended.