Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: A ball for each player

How To Play: Each player has a ball. On the leader’s signal,
players toss their balls in the air (10′ or more). As the balls land,
players try to catch a different ball. Establish a group record for
number of different balls caught, create another strategy, and try
again. In one possible strategy, players could call a ball (e.g. “I’ve
got red!”)

Plan for Success:
Like all trust-building activities, this game presents problems or
obstacles that challenge groups mentally and/or physically. All
participants must work together to accomplish the tasks safely and
completely. There is always a facilitator with the group, helping them
with teamwork objectives, problem-solving and group processing.

As this game in particular involves fast thinking and movement, model
and practice safe movement and awareness of other players while trying
to catch the balls.

Start with a small group throwing balls up at once. Gradually increase the number of players as skill builds.