Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Cards with the names or pictures of vegetables on them.

How to Play: Each player is given a card with the name or
picture of a vegetable written on it. Duplicates are fine. A player is
chosen to be It. It tries to get someone else’s seat by calling the name
of two or more vegetables or the word “vegetarianism!” When It calls
individual vegetables, the players whose vegetables are called must get a
new seat and It tries to find a seat. When It shouts “vegetarianism”
everyone must move to a new seat and It tries to find a seat. The player
left without a seat is the new It and starts the next round of play.

Plan for Success:
Be sure players know what their vegetable card says. Model and
practice safe movement in the circle. Problem solve what to do when
more than one player comes to a chair at the same time. The game ends if
students do not follow safety rules.