Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Played outside or in a gymnasium. Create two lines facing each other with players one arm length apart. First the two lines just walk towards and through one another to the other side. In this first pass-through, you are checking to see if there is enough room between people so that everyone can pass safely. The next time, have them skip across. Each time have them walk in a new way. You can be as creative as you want. Here are some ideas. Walk as if:

You have flippers on your feet
You are wearing cowboy boots
You are wearing clown shoes
You are wearing high heels
You are wearing springs on your feet
You are on the moon
You have 25-lb. weights on each foot
You are a year and a half old
You are 110 years old
and so on.
—Adapted from Viola Spolin: Theatre Games for the Classroom 

Plan for Success: Model and practice the safe passing as described above. 

Variations: Players can invent creative ways of walking that fit with their classroom rules.