Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Tape, paper, pencils, large floor area

How To Play: Form a game board on the floor by taping 12 or 16 squares. It should look like a giant chess board. The squares should be big enough for the students to stand in. The teacher draws the board on a piece of paper and a path for the students to travel through. This is kept confidential! The first student steps in the bottom right-hand square and begins traveling through the game board. After each step she takes, she stops and waits for the teacher to either say “yes” if it is the correct path, or “no” if it is not. If the response is no, the student sits down and the next student in line starts where the previous left off. If it is a yes, the student keeps making his way through the game board until he receives a no response. The game is finished when a student reaches the top of the game board and steps out of the square the teacher predetermined as the exit square. 

Plan for Success: In the teacher’s plan, avoid designing a path that requires stepping diagonally and/or backwards.