Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How to Play: The person who begins the activity says “Zoom!” and turns their head quickly to a neighbor on either the right or the left. That person passes the zoom to the next person and so on around the circle. The idea is to go as fast as you can. You can challenge the group to go faster and use a stop watch to time them. 


  • Keep a record of the class’s best time.
  • The word “Eeeek!” (the sound of coming to a screeching halt) stops the Zoom and makes it reverse direction. In the first round, allow one Eeeek and then in subsequent rounds increase the number of Eeeeks. Remind children that the goal is to get the Zoom passed all the way around the circle. If only a few children have had a chance to say Eeeek you can end the activity by having everyone say Eeeek together. 
  • For more accomplished players: Add in “Bump,”which signifies that you skip over the next person in the direction that the Zoom is already going.

Plan for Success: For young children, especially at the beginning, stick with passing Zoom and don’t introduce the Eeeek for a while.