What if students are turning TAB into a joke, not working to shift their behavior?

When I see this happening, I know it’s time to revisit TAB with the whole class. I often deliver again my beginning-of-the-year pitch for TAB and the benefits of using it as intended. I pull out the tried-and-true basketball analogies about being pulled off the court, sitting on the bench, and getting back in the game after a minute or two. Typically, we’ll have an informal class meeting where students generate the reasons why we have TAB, how we use it, and what’s good about it

How do I know if I’m over-using / under-using TAB?

By observation. Watch and reflect after each class about whom you sent to TAB, how many times you used it, and why. Be sure you use TAB equitably-notice everything! If you have many students taking TAB at the same time, reflect on the environment and your teaching to see what needs of the students you’re not meeting, then adjust your instruction or include more activity to meet their needs

Tara Thukral, Dean of Students