Advisory Book, Revised Edition

BEST SELLER Now in its sixth printing! Imagine a full year of advisory meetings, planned and ready to go, and ideas to create hundreds more. The Advisory Book has guided…


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Author: Linda Crawford Level: Middle | High
Developmental Designs for Middle School


BEST SELLER Now in its sixth printing! Imagine a full year of advisory meetings, planned and ready to go, and ideas to create hundreds more.  The Advisory Book has guided thousands of teachers to lead successful advisories, carefully designed to meet the developmental needs of adolescents so they can thrive in school.

The Advisory Book

Two advisory formats: Circle of Power and Respect (CPR) and Activity Plus (A+)

  • An introduction to young adolescent developmental needs
  • Step-by-step instructions for implementing the meeting components, including modeling and practicing and steps toward increasing levels of challenge
  • Frequently asked questions and answers to resolve common trouble spots
  • 200+ complete advisories on themes such as social skills, careers, multicultural understanding, and bullying
  • 200+ activities, greetings, sharing ideas, and daily messages

New edition features include:

  • Sample advisories teaching effective responses to bullying—includes supporting article
  • Social skills assessment tool—determine students’ growth and their readiness to discuss challenging social topics
  • Advisory evaluation tool—empower students to measure and increase their engagement in the meeting

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Argument for Advisory Chapter 2: The Circle of Power and Respect Chapter 3: Activity Plus Advisories Chapter 4: Planning Advisory Chapter 5: 170 Thematic Advisories, 7 sample days Appendix A: Greeting, Share, and Activity Index Appendix B: Greetings Appendix C: Shares Appendix D: Activities Appendix E: Social Skills in CPR Assessment Tool Appendix F: Additional Advisory Resources   The Origins Program, 2008/2012 304 pages, soft cover ISBN: 978-0-938541-21-9

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