Grandpa Goes On A Diet


My Grandpa had troubles getting out of his chair.  He had to push himself up so hard and then when he did, he walked slowly.  We loved our Grandpa and it made us sad the he couldn’t play hide and seek with us at bedtime anymore.

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Backdropped by a loving story about family, this whimsical and lighthearted approach to healthy eating will leave you smiling. Appropriate for children ages 4 and up.

Grandpa Goes on a DIET is a heartfelt story detailing the importance of a family’s love, support, and encouragement. This book is an impactful reminder that consistency and dedication can help us regain our lives at any age or fitness level.
Family Medicine Doctor

This book illustrates a loving story about a family who supports one another. Their support and love for their grandpa leads to difficult conversations about how they approach a healthier lifestyle. The relatable characters offer perspectives that help to show how families navigate complex topics. The content in this book could help kids find the language and perspective to show support for their loved ones in complex situations. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend this book.
Elementary School Principal

This is such a wonderful little book on an important but sometimes difficult topic, told in a way that even the youngest reader will understand. Making the connection between what we eat and how it can limit or expand our daily lives is such an important lesson and this book does it so well. The story also reinforces the importance of how we can support each other by talking, doing, and being open and honest even when it is hard. The message that it is never ‘too late’ to start is one that we all need to hear again and again. And for those of us in our advancing years, reading it with the youngsters in our lives helps to remind us that how we care for ourselves has a direct effect on our ability to care for those we love. I highly recommend this book!
Director, Farm to Home – Providing Healthy Foods for Aging Bodies

This is a sweet book with a strong message for people of all ages. It encourages healthy living and supporting our family members as they strive to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives! It would be a great addition to a lesson in school about how to make healthy choices around how we nourish and move our bodies.
Elementary School Principal

Several Early Childhood Centers have fallen in love with the book and made it part of the nutrition and healthy eating curriculum!

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