Elementary School Developmental Designs Facilitator

Since 1985, Lisa has been passionate about providing purposeful, challenging and joyful learning experiences for students and educators. She created compassionate and engaging elementary classroom communities for 11 years before being provided an opportunity to be on a five person leadership team opening a multiage, continuous progress, interdisciplinary elementary school that served 900 students. As a lead teacher, Lisa helped create an adult community that was committed to collaboration with a heartset, mindset and skillset to work with the whole chlld.

Lisa then joined Origins as a facilitator and consultant in 2001. She trained educators throughout the United States and consulted with schools to put that training into practice through onsite coaching and professional learning. After earning her certificate in Gifted, Creative, and Talented Education, she became a district GT coordinator. The call to coaching led to a return to an instructional coach position supporting educators and systems in cycles of improvement. 

One continuous thread throughout Lisa’s career is a desire to continue to grow in learning about equity, diversity and inclusion. She participated as a community volunteer in her children’s home school district on their Equity Alliance Team and found herself learning and growing as an educator and a person. In coaching other educators,creating equitable learning spaces is the priority. She is thrilled to return to Origins to continue this purposeful work.

When not working, Lisa can be found outside visiting local, state, and national parks, reading books in her backyard and snuggling her new grandson.