Over 450 schools in 30 states are now implementing the Developmental Designs approach. Over 5,000 teachers have participated in the first-level training, and more than 1,000 have participated in the second level. Thousands of teachers have learned about the approach through one-day workshops, and more than 8,000 Developmental Designs books have been purchased by educators across North America.

Approximately 182,000 students attend schools in which Developmental Designs-trained educators work. 61% of these students are white, 21%  African-American, 10%  Hispanic, 6%  Asian/Pacific Islander, 1%  Native American/Alaskan Native, and 1% “other” or Multi-Racial.

Traditional public schools employ 65% of Developmental Designs-trained teachers, with private schools next (16%), followed by public charter schools (14%) and other types of public schools (5%). The vast majority of Developmental Designs schools are either middle schools (156) or K-8 schools (152).