Reviving Your Empowering Language: pre-requisite 28 hour Developmental Designs workshop


1 Day Professional Development

  • Redirect misbehavior without emotional escalation
  • Work with real classroom scenarios to practice your new skills
  • Refine the way you talk, the words you use,
    and your tone

Prerequisite: Developmental Designs 1

Price: $219/person

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Reviving Your Empowering Language

1 Day Professional Development

After observing only five minutes in a classroom, it is easy to realize that communication, verbal and non-verbal, is the most significant way both academic and social learning occurs. Helping educators to study, learn, and reflect on their language habits can make a substantial impact on the culture of a classroom and school.


  1. Practical ways to increase consistency with the use of empowering language
  2. Ways to increase your reinforcing language in place of empty praise
  3. Providing students content-rich feedback and guiding them with self-reflection
  4. How to make every exchange you have with students—both verbal and non-verbal—a learning opportunity for you both
  5. Make positive changes to the ways you communicate, to teach students how to interact more effectively with you and each other

Prerequisite: Developmental Designs 1

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Note: The Origins Program reserves the right to cancel workshops and is not liable for any travel-related or other expenses incurred by a registrant or payee due to a canceled workshop.

Get ready for an interactive day of learning!

Just like in the classroom, you will gather in a circle for an advisory meeting. You will  talk, share, and problem-solve with other middle-level educators. Tap into real situations from your own experiences. Bring challenges you are facing with individual students or your whole class. The facilitator will lead you through exercises to help you enrich your advisory.

Certificate of attendance

You will receive a 7-hour certificate of attendance for participation in the entire workshop.


After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with more detailed information and the schedule for the workshop.

Every step in DD helps us understand our teaching methods and students learning habits. ~Developmental Designs trained educator

Developmental Designs gives you some specific do’s and dont’s for how to implement strategies in the classroom, as well as specific language to use in order to facilitate a successful learning environment. ~Developmental Designs trained educator

Why? Because these strategies empower students and in the long run make running a classroom easier and smoother. Also it helps kids in general become better people by contributing to a community. ~Developmental Designs trained educator